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You can help spread our message of hope and empowerment to even more people. Send an email to your friends and family telling them about Buy Michigan Now or let us do the work for you. Simply enter their names and email addresses here. Each person you list will be contacted once, on your behalf, and invited to take the Pledge to support Michigan.

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I hereby pledge to play an active role in building a strong, vibrant, and diverse Michigan economy. I will be a part of the solution by speaking positively about the state, learning about our products and services, and making a concerted effort to buy from Michigan businesses. I will Think Michigan First!


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What does a large list of Pledge-takers do for the Buy Michigan Now campaign?

Will the information I provide be distributed to other people or used in an unauthorized mailing list?

Why are first name, last name, city, and state the only required information?

Why include "state" in a pledge form for a Michigan campaign?

Why allow people to provide additional personal information?

Can more than one person in a family take the Pledge?

What does taking the Pledge do for me?

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