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12 Things to Do in Michigan in December

The holiday season is in full swing, bringing with it some delightful events to warm up your December. Dec 1-Jan 4 Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around The World – Grand Rapids A visit to Meijer Gardens is always a treat, but at...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in November

Naturally November makes our mouths water with anticipation of a Thanksgiving feast, but there are many other events that can be equally tantalizing throughout the month.   Nov 1-2 & Nov 8-9 Toast the Season– Leelanau Peninsula The wineries of Leelanau continue to...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in October

October is one of the absolute best months in Michigan. Cider mills, pumpkin patches, and football games are just a few of the many ways to enjoy this glorious time of year. Here are a dozen other great ways.   Oct 2-4...

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My Encounters as a Michigan Lighthouse Keeper-Pt 3

In Part 3 of a three-part series, guest writer, Colleen Kilpatrick. shares some of her experiences as a volunteer lighthouse keeper at Little Sable Lighthouse in Mears, Michigan.  Before volunteering at the lighthouse, I had the mistaken notion that people with...

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My Encounters as a Michigan Lighthouse Keeper-Pt 2

In Part 2 of a three-part series, guest writer, Colleen Kilpatrick. shares some of her experiences as a volunteer lighthouse keeper at Little Sable Lighthouse in Mears, Michigan. (Read Part 1) Dream Come True When I first saw the elderly woman, she...

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My Encounters as a Michigan Lighthouse Keeper-Pt 1

The first file in my file cabinet is labeled, “Fun Things to Do”. It’s not in alphabetical order as are all the other files in the cabinet. It’s front and center because the dreams and future experiences it holds are...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in September

September is such a glorious time in Michigan. The harvest brings an abundance of fresh flavors that are well complimented by the many new brews and wines that come to life at this time. Plus, we get to enjoy it...

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Michigan Artists Collaborate to Tackle Eating Disorders

Michigan native, and star of the MTV original comedy Awkward, Jillian Rose Reed is taking on a new project that aims to use art as a means of unmasking the stigma associated with eating disorders. The global campaign is called Breaking...

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10 Ways to Celebrate Buy Michigan Week

Did you know that if every Michigan household shifted just $10 of our weekly spending to Michigan-made products collectively we would put around $38 million a week back into our local economy? That’s nearly $2 billion a year. All politics...

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Free Books Available to All Michigan Kids

It started as a simple idea in a living room. Menachem Kniespeck was convinced that children would do better in school with access to the proper supplies, so he began collecting pencils, paper, crayons, and glue to fill some backpacks,...

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These Boating Safety Tips May Save a Life

In a state where you are never more than six miles from a body of water, nor more than eighty five miles from a Great Lake, it’s no wonder that we love our boats so much. In fact, Michigan is...

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Avanti Press – A Card for All Seasons

In this age of convenient electronic messaging it seems increasingly common to only find bills, political circulars, and advertisements in our mailboxes. That’s exactly why getting a good old fashioned greeting card can really make someone’s day. The concept of sending...

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'Tis the Season for New Michigan Beers

Because so many Michigan brewers incorporate local ingredients, it’s no wonder fall brings a wide array of new and short-term releases into the local beer realm. Some are themed around the season or Halloween, while others just take on a...

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How to Add More Local Flavor to Your Thanksgiving Table

Few holidays place as much emphasis on food as Thanksgiving. Perhaps it’s because the very first gathering upon which the holiday is based was celebrated by people with vast differences sharing in a single feast to acknowledge a good harvest. Today,...

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Railroad Ties Iconic Michigan Brands Together

With such a deep automotive heritage in Michigan, it’s sometimes hard to remember how reliant the nation once was on locomotives. In fact that rich rail history ties two strong Michigan companies together: Carhartt and Stormy Kromer. Hamilton Carhartt was born...

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How to Enjoy Michigan's Abundance of Winter Squash

At this time of year farmers markets and grocery stores begin to fill up with the tasty treats known as Winter Squash, but many consumers find them intimidating. Here are some helpful hints to take advantage of this autumnal abundance...

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What Makes ArtPrize a Must See Event?

Grand Rapids has always been a cool city, but never more so than during the magical time when ArtPrize takes to its streets. The annual spectacle, entering its sixth year (September 24 - October 12), is a feast for the...

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Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

These days for most people, Labor Day means a last long look at summer. Jazz fills the air in Detroit and thousands of people take a stunningly beautiful stroll across the Mackinac Bridge. Boats leave their docks with swimmers onboard...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in August

August means it's almost time to start thinking "back-to-school," but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of summer fun still to be had. Here are our highlights for August. July 29-August 3 Traverse City Film Festival – Traverse City Academy Award...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in July

Independence Day means fireworks celebrations all around the state this month, but there are also plenty of other exciting activities happening. Here are a dozen fun ideas worth taking in.   July 3-5 Dennis Hale Book Signing – Paradise The gales of November...

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Michigan Company Aims to Give the American Dream a Boost

 There are few things in life more exciting than buying your own home, planning your wedding, driving your new car, or traveling to an exotic locale that you’ve always wanted to visit. There are also few things that wreak more...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan in June

Summertime and the living is easy...except for narrowing down which events to attend across our glorious state. We've highlighted just a few for your consideration.   June 5-8 Frontier Days – Carson City Since Carson City has long been associated with its...

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10 Tips for Shopping Michigan’s Farmers Markets

Summer is the most flavorful time of year in the Great Lakes State, and nowhere is that more obvious than in our plentiful farmers markets. However shopping them is slightly different than going to the produce aisle of a supermarket....

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